“As a fat woman of color I've found that a good teacher and safe space makes ALL the difference in getting the most out of a yoga practice. My very first session with Yogi Yuli was in a group environment and like no other class I'd ever been a part of. With Yuli as a guide, the body becomes an extension of a meditative and spiritual journey. She encourages each student to listen to their bodies without judgement and BREATHE. Yuli is full of light and love, and this energy is palpable in the work she does. The sessions I've had with Yuli are so much about healing the spirit and connecting with the self, that each one is joyful and transformative in its own way. I recommend her classes and instruction to anyone seeking a thoughtful yoga experience that honors the sanctity of this ancient practice.” - Yesenia


“If you've never take a class with Yogi Yuli--RUN, do not walk to her next workshop! I've always been super shy about stretching or working out in front of a lot of people, but Yuli's energy and passion for her craft shine through in every class and it makes you want to be a part of the yoga family. Not only is she an amazing instructor by teaching you breathing techniques and poses throughout class, she consistently makes you feel comfortable by reminding everyone to move at their own pace, no matter what pace that may be. I've attended other yoga classes with other yogis, but I always left the studio feeling intimidated by how much more advanced every one else was and oftentimes I never felt like I could keep up, so I would never return. Yuli was the first instructor that made me feel like I was right where I was supposed to be, exactly when I was supposed to be there; that feeling alone keeps me coming back week after week, month after month! Thank you, Yuli, for providing me with a safe space to practice, a warm smile to greet me at the door, and a permeating energy that comes from divine happiness. Namaste <3” - Liz

“Yoga with Yuli is so special! She has so much depth to her practice and can really tailor the experience to fit my needs. After every practice with Yuli I feel centered and like I've really had the chance to connect with myself, my body and my practice. I highly recommend one on one work with her. She has been giving me classes for a few months now ans I have enjoyed every minute of it. Namaste <3” - Lilly T

“Yogi Yuli is amazing! She is extremely passionate and somehow manages to bring something fresh to every class. She focuses on positive body image and stress reduction through mindful breathing. I’m really happy I found her!!!” - Rakela