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Love your Body, Love Your Life:

a journey to radical self-love and body acceptance

Society’s beauty standards and diet culture have convinced us that our worth relies on achieving an ideal body type. The cycles of disordered eating, shame and lack of self worth is often fueled by these myths. Let’s break that cycle and step into a new paradigm that celebrates our power and self worth.

Love your body, Love your Life is a series of workshops, retreats and events built to support you on a transformational journey to radical self-love and body acceptance.

Join me for body movement practices and proven techniques for transcending limiting beliefs so that you can step into a more mindful and compassionate way of being. The Love Your Body, Love Your Life movement came from my own journey of learning to love my body fully and the decision to live my life in a state of BLISS.  

What you’ll get:

  • An intimate setting to experience self care

  • A supportive and confidential group environment

  • A guided yoga and meditation practice

  • Delicious meals

  • Lessons on Mindfulness, Intuitive eating, Body Liberation and Health at Every Size